AKR 15 for 15 Reading Challenge!

Through Friday, April 3, 2020

Read 15 minutes for 15 days for a chance to win 15 free books!

Calling all Arkansas kindergarten through 5th grade students!

We are challenging YOU to participate in the AKR 15 for 15 Reading Challenge! To do so, you must pledge to drop everything (no TV, phone, gaming devices, etc.) and read 15 minutes for 15 days. To participate, have a parent or guardian upload to Facebook or Instagram a picture of you reading (with or without your face showing) and tag @ARKidsRead. Also, tag or give a shout out to the Arkansas school you attend. It’s that simple! Pledges tagged to @ARKidsRead through Friday, April 3rd will be entered in two drawings to win a free library of 15 books from AR Kids Read! One free library will go to a student in one of the current 24 schools we serve and the other to a student attending any school in the state of Arkansas. Keep Reading!!


Drop everything and read for 15 minutes for 15 days.


Have a parent/guardian upload a photo of you reading to Facebook or Instagram and tag @ARKidsRead.


Don’t forget to mention the school you attend!


You’ll be entered in two drawings to win 15 FREE books!

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