What A Semester! Recap of Fall 2014

What a fantastic year 2014 has been for AR Kids Read! Through the efforts of our tutors, we have
impacted the lives of over one thousand children and their families in Pulaski County. Partnering with
over 50 businesses, churches and community organizations, nearly 500 tutors have volunteered in
43 elementary schools to help students read at grade level in first through third grade. The champions
within these Partner organizations help us recruit and provide groups of tutors ranging in size from
5 to 25 serving in schools in all three Pulaski County school districts.


The relationships that our tutors develop with their students is the critical factor as doors and possibilities
open as the children become excited about reading and education. A highlight for our staff is when we
hear the stories that are shared about the changes the tutors see during the semester as reading
comprehension improves and both tutors and students dive into reading. We love to share those stories
on our blog and also feel the excitement that our tutors express about how the tutoring experience fulfills
them in such a wonderful way. In addition to the improvement that the tutors experience during their
sessions and teachers share about the changes seen in the classroom, initial reading comprehension
scores are very promising.


Thank you also to all who have provided financial support in our community. Without the support of
the individuals, businesses, foundations and others that provide these resources, AR Kids Read would
not be able to recruit, design, develop and provide the training and support to all who are helping with
early elementary literacy. We were especially pleased to be a part of Giving Tuesday for the first time and
were excited to receive support from some of our own tutors that day! Please visit our website to see the
names of the Partner and Sponsor organizations that support AR Kids Read as they are too numerous to
list and adequately recognize.


We also offer a special thank you to all of the teachers and staff at the schools who participate with
AR Kids Read. We are so excited to work with these wonderful professionals to support them as they
provide the core education for the children. The encouragement and smiles that our tutors receive as they
enter the schools supports the learning experience for all.


As we close this calendar year I would encourage us all to share the stories and successes of AR Kids Read
with others and invite them to be a tutor. We have made great progress to touch almost 1,000 students,
however there remain an additional 3,500 students in first through third grades in our schools reading below
grade level that would benefit from an adult investing in reading with them. What you are doing is making a

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