Welcome Aboard! New AKR Board Members

While a lot of people are uncomfortable with change, often times change is for the good! Such is the
case with the AR Kids Read board. As we move from the infancy of our organization, to one growing
in many areas, we are thrilled to announce the addition of three new board members and are excited
to see the ideas and energy these three women will bring to our organization.


Lindsey Gray, Sharon Heflin and Gloria Redman all joined our board this spring, and each of them adds
new and different experiences and perspective. As Lindsey has just completed her term as the
Junior League of Little Rock President and continues her work as the owner of Eggshells Kitchen
Company, we welcome her insight into managing a large number of volunteers, and her experience
with several nonprofit and volunteer organizations. Sharon’s current and past community involvement,
as well as her connections in the business community through her multiple business ventures, will bring
a perspective that we hope will help grow our relationships with tutors, Partners, AND Sponsors. With
Gloria’s past marketing and fundraising experience, we know her expertise will be an incredible asset in
increasing our awareness in the community as well as the size of our organization.


The passion and commitment of all of these women to the children of central Arkansas, and specifically
in the area of literacy, are only part of what they will bring as they serve on the AR Kids Read board.
Know that as we move into the next phase of growing our organization, these new members, combined
with those already serving on the board, are a group that is committed to our mission to involve our
community in the improvement of the reading skills, and ultimately the futures, of our children.

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