Tutor Survey Results

The heart of the AR Kids Read program is the tutors, and we are always looking for ways to improve their
experience. Our recent reading comprehension workshop gave us the opportunity to survey the
experience of each tutor present during the fall semester. The results were not surprising!


We are striving to continue to both expand and increase the structure of our program. The responses
from the survey indicated that it is difficult to implement both of these goals simultaneously. The vast
majority of tutors indicated that they are enjoying the program and can see a difference being made in their
students. But, there remains a handful of areas that need addressing including the schools’ awareness and
understanding of the AR Kids Read tutoring model, and the expectations and responsibility of both the
teachers and tutors. One tutor noted, “Please make sure teachers understand & know what our role in the
classroom is, and are ready for us.”


To address the concerns reported in the survey, we have already begun to meet with each school contact
to solidify our relationship, improve our communication, and ensure that the  schools’ are keeping in line
with the true AR Kids Read tutoring model. Also, a recent survey was sent to all the school contacts and
each contact indicated they had the same concerns as the tutors. So, as the spring semester continues we
will be working diligently to address all the ideas, questions and concerns that we received from both tutors
and school personnel to make the tutor experience as worthwhile as possible.


As evidenced by these comments regarding their favorite part of tutoring, most if not all the tutors are
enjoying their time in the classroom.


• Making a difference. Watching the future grow. Seeing the glow in their eyes.
• Love kid’s enthusiasm of reading and willingness to learn.
• Seeing children grow and become confident in their reading skills.
• Love to get connected with kids.
• Bonding with the children. Watching their progress improve each session.
• The opportunity to share my passion for education and be a great role model for the students I tutor.
• I enjoy seeing the children grow and become more confident with their reading skills/comprehension.
• If I can make a difference in a child’s life, I feel good about what I’m doing.


As always, we recognize the overwhelming gift of time our tutors give our students. On behalf of those
students, as well as the AR Kids Read staff and Board of Directors, thank you!

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