Tutor at Rockefeller

Working with kids has always been a passion and a conviction. I work in the technology field and know exactly
how it can either be a tool to be used for education and entertainment but also how it can rob experiences
and creative thinking that is unlocked by reading. In today’s world where the electronic screen (TV, computer,
tablet and phone) capitalizes so much of our kids’ time it is ever so important to spend time reading and
listening to our kids.


Reading is such an important cornerstone to build upon. AR Kids Read has given an opportunity for each and
every one of us to make a difference in OUR community where we live and work. My experience with working with
Rockefeller Elementary has been a very rewarding. From working with Ms. Tims (the local training coordinator and
library media specialist) to Mr. Gardner, who is the teacher of the 3rd grade class where I volunteer). The best part
of the opportunity of course is weekly interaction with the two kids that I have the pleasure of listening to read.
I can see the wheels turning and light bulbs going off as they read unlocking limitless opportunities in their future
education. Kids are eager to learn and experience if we just equip and give them a chance. I encourage everyone
to be involved– an hour a week is all it takes to give back and to give a kid an amazing opportunity that will last a

–S. Long

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