Tutor at Crystal Hill

A few weeks ago I was reading with one of my students whom I see every Tuesday for 30 minutes.
He really likes reading nonfiction, especially about animals and science, and with it being close to
Halloween, I thought it’d be neat to read a book about tarantulas. He read to me the section about what
tarantulas eat, which includes plants, small frogs and rodents, and even other bugs and spiders. I asked
what he thought about that, and he laughed as he turned the page and said, “Who’s got time to go out and
catch bugs to feed it? I mean, you’ve already got a pet bug!” I laughed and told him he had a really good
point! Moments when my students open up to me while they’re reading have been the coolest thing about
tutoring so far. It doesn’t matter if they love that particular book or think it’s kind of silly; it’s great to
see them develop an understanding of what they’re reading and be able to express an opinion about it.


–S. Maxwell

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