Tutor Advisory Board at UALR Literacy Center

The AR Kids Read Tutor Advisory Board met for a second time on Tuesday, April 28th. The meeting
was held at the UALR Center for Literacy, and was conducted by Dr. Linda Dorn and her team.


The purpose of the meeting was to provide the Tutor Advisory Board members with more detailed
training and helpful tips during their tutoring sessions. The training from Dr. Dorn and her team
was previewed by the Tutor Advisory Board members as a possible permanent training that will be
offered to the additional AR Kids Read tutor base.


The Tutor Advisory Board members were able to learn more about the reading process, how to properly
introduce a book, and were able to view a live tutoring session. One tutor noted, “Most valuable to me
was watching tutors work with students.” Another tutor also said, “I LOVED the format of the workshop
and it was very informative.”


The Tutor Advisory Board members also offered helpful suggestions to the AR Kids Read team and a
group from AETN on ways to improve the overall experience for each tutor. Suggestions included
establishing stronger relationships with schools, tutor branding and recognition, and recruitment tips.


The Tutor Advisory Board offers a chance for the AR Kids Read team to delve into the experience of a
tutor so we can build a better, stronger program for our volunteers. We are thankful for the input of the
Tutor Advisory Board members, and will be putting their suggestions into action for the benefit of all of
our wonderful tutors.

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