Thank You to All

On behalf of the board, I want to thank all of the financial supporters of AR Kids Read. We are truly
blessed to have individuals, companies, organizations and groups support the AR Kids Read effort.
We are honored that you trust us to use these funds to help children read at grade level, and in turn
to brighten the futures of the students, their families and our community.


The stewardship of these funds to support our 450+ tutors working with 43 schools to impact almost
1,000 students with our weekly tutoring sessions is paramount for us. These funds cover a wide
spectrum of expenses to help us accomplish our mission; from providing tutor training through multiple
training workshops to the production of training videos and resources, along with managing the
technology necessary to coordinate the more than 18,000 hours of tutoring at the various locations.


We are also pleased to apply these resources to the area of community awareness and advocacy of not
only the critical need to help children read at grade level, but also the opportunity that volunteers from
the community can make a clear impact on the future. It is our pleasure to support in all manners
possible our tutors and parents who help create relationships to enhance the students’ learning


We are pleased that in calendar 2014 we were successful in reaching our $150,000 budget through
your generous donations. We pride ourselves that our tutors enable us to impact so many students and
families on such a conservative budget. We look forward to sharing with you our hopes and dreams for
the future as we plan to expand to other communities and further engage our tutor efforts in
after-school and summer efforts.


We also want to make everyone aware of an opportunity to help increase any financial gifts to
AR Kids Read coming in April. AR Kids Read is a partner in the first annual Arkansas Gives campaign
to be held April 2, 2015. The Arkansas Community Foundation is supporting this statewide day of
online giving to participating non-profits offering a matching gift of $250,000 to be shared
proportionally by all non-profits receiving gifts online that day. What a wonderful opportunity to
leverage your giving to AR Kids Read. More to come as we approach April.

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