Thank You, FIS!

Are you “all in” for AR Kids Read? We know who is! We are thrilled to have another Partner that is now
also a Sponsor! We would like to thank Fidelity Information Services (FIS) for their recent donation,
which was used to sponsor our spring workshop. The generous giving of their employees’ time, and
now of their financial resources, demonstrates their steadfast support of our program. With tutors at
both Franklin and McDermott, FIS is a Partner that decided it was best to let the employees choose a
school that was most convenient for them. It seems that this model is working for them as most, if not
all, of their tutors have been involved for multiple years. With a company as large as FIS, the interests
and options of its employees are quite varied. We’re happy to say that AR Kids Read is an organization
that they’ve chosen to fully support. Thanks again FIS!

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