Spring 2015 Workshop

Do you like to play games? Do you enjoy “arts and crafts”? If you weren’t at our last tutor workshop, you
missed out on a lot of fun! With the help of PCSSD literacy specialists Renee Dawson, Kiffany Davis,
Jennifer Beasley and Nickey Nichols, we had a great time learning about ways to incorporate vocabulary,
phonics, comprehension and fluency with the students we tutor.


The four 20 minute sessions, along with a delicious lunch sponsored by Fidelity Information Services,
were time well spent. This hands-on workshop allowed everyone to participate in the games, activities
and ideas that will help engage the students as well as provide a fun and exciting way to improve their
reading skills. We even got to cut out our own sets of letters and words to use in our tutoring sessions.
At the end of the afternoon, we were provided with usable information and tools, as well as a great
resource to find even more ideas that can be implemented during tutoring times. To get your own
hands-on resources, go to www.FCRR.org where you can find grade-level specific tools and a lot of
great literacy information to help your students.

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