Sponsor Spotlight: Delta Dental

Many students in Central Arkansas read below grade level–something which can severely impact their future as well as the future of our state. Understanding this, Delta Dental of Arkansas was pleased to become both a Partner and a Sponsor of AR Kids Read. “AR Kids Read is an innovative approach to increasing the number of students reading at grade level,” said Kelly Caldwell, Manager of Communications and Foundation for Delta Dental of Arkansas.


Located less than one mile away from Sherwood Elementary, Delta Dental decided to focus its efforts there where the company’s 13 spring semester volunteers worked one-on-one with 22 students. After only 8 weeks of participating in the program, Delta Dental was already seeing positive results. “At the end of the first reading session, my student gave me the biggest hug,” said Phyllis Rogers, a Delta Dental volunteer. “I knew right away this was going to benefit me as much as the child,” she added.


AR Kids Read is proud to list Delta Dental as both a Partner and Sponsor. In addition to the many tutors that the company has provided, Delta Dental has also contributed $5,000 to AR Kids Read.


Delta Dental’s work with Sherwood Elementary is one of AR Kids Read’s favorite success stories about how a business can make a difference in our community by becoming a Partner and/or Sponsor. To learn more about how your business, church, or civic organization can help, please visit www.ARKidsRead.org.

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