New Tutor Training Videos

Have you ever wondered how you can help a child learn how to read? It can be a scary thought
for many people, particularly if they lack a background in education. After all, what exactly is


That’s why AR Kids Read, in partnership with AETN, has produced eight free tutor training
videos which now appear on the AR Kids Read website. You can view them here.


According to Executive Director Charlie Conklin, the videos were designed with the entire
community in mind. “While we certainly want to make sure our tutors have the resources they
need, we really produced these videos with the idea that they would be helpful to the entire
community, including parents who might be reading with their children at home,” he


Each video focuses in on a different area of helping a child learn to read, from how to help a child
when he or she struggles with a word to how to ensure that the child comprehends what he or she
has just read.

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