More Schools to Join AR Kids Read

Several new schools in the Pulaski County Special School District are on the way to becoming a part of
AR Kids Read. In recent weeks the organization has met with administrators at Warren Dupree, Landmark,
Pine Forest, and Oak Grove Elementary Schools.


“While additional schools mean there is a need for even more volunteer tutors, the response received
by adding the new schools has been great,” said Traci Wheelis, Operations Manager. Dupree Elementary
recently joined and has already filled all of its volunteer tutor positions.


AR Kids Read also plans to meet with administrators from College Station Elementary and Lawson Elementary
schools in coming weeks to discuss the program further.


With each new school AR Kids Read is looking for new community Partners that can help provide the tutors
necessary to help each child read at grade level. “We received a tremendous response from civic organizations
in Maumelle once we added Pine Forest Elementary, but we are still looking for Partners for schools such as
Landmark,” explained Charlie Conklin, Executive Director.

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