Meet Teiraney Ousley

This week, we welcome our new Operations Support Manager, Teiraney Ousley, to the team. Not only does she bring a lot of great experience, but she is a genuinely kind-hearted person with a passion for helping others. We want you to get to know a little bit about this new face at AR Kids Read!



She loves spending time with her daughter, Kayden Elise, and husband, Chris, who picked out those beautiful flowers on her desk (Bravo, Chris)!


A self-taught fashion designer, Teiraney has been sewing for 4 years and even has her own YouTube channel. She is mentored by fashion designer and Season 5 Project Runway contestant, Korto Momolu. This creative soul loves anything DIY, reading, and traveling to learn about different cultures. Her favorite culture is the Hispanic culture for their work, passion, and food (of course)!

Teiraney has great experience working in nonprofits. Her passion revolves around parents and children, specifically. She has a heart for helping single parents, helping youth with choosing the right direction, and helping impoverished children. 

She's really excited to be "able to make a direct impact on the literacy crisis that AR Kids Read addresses through volunteering directly and putting (my) skills to use in the organization as an employee. It's rare to get to do both." 

When we asked her, "What's something you can't live without at work?", she responded with, "I like to keep it fun! Definitely laughter or some sort of entertainment."

We are excited to have her vibrancy, expertise, and passion added to our team. She has already enriched AR Kids Read so much!