Jacksonville Equips Students for Literacy Success

You will see many signs throughout the city of Jacksonville. Perhaps the most notable is one that has big red bold letters titled, “Literacy is the Key to Success”. This is the motto for the new Jacksonville North Pulaski School District. The new district has focused on this motto as it wants to equip its students with the necessary tools to succeed.

AR Kids Read feeds directly into this motto as its focus is also on building the literacy skills in the students throughout central Arkansas. The implementation of AR Kids Read in all of the Jacksonville elementary schools reflects the districts effort to ensure that all of their students have exceptional literacy skills. The district’s website highlights that.

Linking community activities to the school has evidenced to improve school related behaviors, positively impact academic achievement, and reduces school suspension rates. (JNPSD website under parents/community tab) The tutors who volunteer in elementary schools prove that linking the community to the school can have a positive impact on the students’ futures.

Jacksonville currently has 60 tutors that volunteer in elementary schools to work with the students on a weekly basis. The tutors play a key role in bringing Jacksonville’s motto, “Literacy is the Key to Success”, into fruition for the students. By working with the students and providing a mentor relationship with them, the volunteers are helping the students to pave their way to a bright future through building their literacy skills. We’re grateful to be a part of the “key to success” in Jacksonville!




Jasmine Wakefield
VISTA Regional Coordinator
AR Kids Read