November 9, 2016




Central Arkansas community leaders identified K-12 education as the top issue affecting the economic future of Arkansas. Between kindergarten and third grade, children learn to read; from fourth grade onward, they read to learn. 

  • Currently, 7 out of 10 Central Arkansas fourth graders are reading below grade level. 
  • 65% of these students will drop out of high school, end up on welfare, or end up in the prison system, if no productive action is taken.

Our  high-impact community service strategy leverages the power of volunteers  who care to help solve this problem. The goal is to help children attain reading level proficiency by the end of third grade. 



Founded in 2012, this volunteer-based literacy intervention is designed to provide struggling readers with trained tutors who donate one hour each week. Tutors provide students with more opportunities to read by using easy-to-implement tutoring methods. Tutors work in small groups or one-on-one, building relationships between student and tutor that create an environment that is ideal for learning.

Our mission is to improve the future of Arkansas children and families by advancing literacy education through community engagement and tutoring so that all children can read proficiently by the end of third grade.



Increase public awareness and appreciation among the general public and targeted constituencies for the need for grade level reading proficiency by communicating relevant information and raising the profile of AR Kids Read as an advocate for childhood reading proficiency.

Increase childhood reading proficiency by placing and supporting volunteer tutors in public schools and by providing literacy resources to children. Demonstrate the success of tutoring programs using scores, surveys, and other reliable measurements.

Build community engagement in the education process by involving corporations, churches and other community institutions in the tutoring program.