Go the Extra Mile!

On your way to work, church, the grocery store, or a friend’s house, there are probably some elementary
schools that you see. You may pass by them without giving them any thought, but you know they are
convenient when you are deciding where you might like to tutor. However, there are also several
you may not see. These schools are located in places such as College Station, Southwest Little Rock,
the outskirts of North Little Rock, and Jacksonville. And because you don’t see them, you may not
have considered tutoring at them.


These schools are in areas that are not densely populated and may seem inconvenient. But, to give you
a little perspective, College Station Elementary is a 7 minute drive from downtown Little Rock, both
Baseline and Mabelvale Elementary are right at the end of I-430 South, and Meadow Park Elementary
is 5 minutes from McCain Mall. The location of the schools may not seem obvious, but the needs
definitely are.


Thankfully, we have a few Partners that are starting to help meet those needs. The Junior League of
Little Rock focuses their tutoring in Southwest Little Rock. The employees of both Riggs CAT and the
AR Electric Cooperatives go to Southwest Little Rock schools, as well. The Little Rock Port Authority
will be partnering with College Station Elementary. But they cannot do it alone.


The need is great in these areas, and the more tutors we have, the better chance we have of reaching
children and schools that desperately need the help. Would you be willing to reach out to those who
need it most? You do not have to do it alone either. Bring a friend, family member, coworker, or your
church small group, and help reach the 6000 elementary school children in Central Arkansas that are
reading below grade level.


Would you like to help improve our community and help a child build a foundation in reading that
will last a lifetime? Imagine the places these children could go if someone gave them the extra reading
attention they needed to get over the hump. It may take 5 to 10 more minutes to reach that school,
but the possibilities are endless for these children. The time you spend with them could be just what
they need to succeed. Please consider going the extra mile!

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