Finding Your Calling

This is the story about one tutor’s experience in his own words:


After some time in corporate America, I noticed that my current position as a Sales Representative left
me feeling unfulfilled. It was in this realization I remembered the joy I received working as a substitute
teacher- the pay was less than ideal, but the positive connections I developed with the students and
passion for their education were undeniable. This also reminded me of the times I volunteered with my
alumni association reading and tutoring elementary students, and the overwhelming joy I felt making a
difference in their lives.


It was the constellation of these experiences and the poignant quote by Maya Angelou, “When you learn,
teach. When you get, give” that solidified my passion for education. I have always been an inquisitive
individual that loves to learn. So when I heard about the AR Kids Read children’s literacy initiative
through the outreach pastor at my church (St. Mark Baptist), I knew that it would be a perfect opportunity
to enjoy doing something I love.


My experience with AR Kids Read so far has been nothing short of phenomenal. Being able to give a child
the building blocks that are at the foundation of being a great student is the opportunity of a lifetime. This
is so rewarding because you are able to unlock the potential of that student to go on and be anything they
can dream of.


It has been a complete joy working with the students I tutor. To see their understanding of reading
fundamentals grow and to ignite a joy they’ve never know through the different stories we read is an
amazing experience.


“Be the change you wish to see in the world” is what motivated me to begin tutoring. My passion for
education wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t share that in some way that positively affected some student’s
life, and AR Kids Read is the perfect opportunity for me to embody the change our community so
desperately needs. To encourage that student that is having trouble learning to read and giving them the
tools to be successful.

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