July 14, 2013



Volunteers must commit to tutoring for at least one hour a week for 10 weeks.
Each school determines the best time for tutors to serve. Tutoring times are scheduled to coincide with the reading blocks in the classrooms. You will volunteer whenever fits your schedule best at the school of your choice!
Yes. Volunteers sign up to tutor at one school, with two students (30 minutes each) for an hour a week for the entire semester.
If you can’t commit to the full 10 weeks, but could split the time with another person you might still be able to volunteer. Please contact info@arkidsread.org for more information.
Students are tutored in their schools. Currently we are working in all four school districts in Pulaski County.
The tutor/student environment is determined by each school. Some schools prefer a “pull out” model where the tutor and student spend 30 minutes together in a separate area (cubicle, library, hallway) and work together one on one. Other schools prefer a “push in” model where the tutor works with a small reading group in the classroom while the classroom teacher is working with other small reading groups.
Absolutely not! There are three requirements to be an AR Kids Read tutor. You have to: have a love of reading, a heart for children, and a commitment to serve. The time with the student is focused on reading comprehension, vocabulary and other common reading components.
YES! All volunteers undergo a one hour training/orientation session where they will complete the necessary paperwork to become a tutor and learn how to work with students on reading.
Yes. You will be helping the same student(s) for the entire semester. Learning occurs best with consistent tutor/student relationships, and that includes learning to read.
The curriculum is the students’ actual classroom reading assignment. All schools in Arkansas use the Common Core Curriculum, meaning each student has reading books based on their individual reading level. The tutor will be working with the student on their assigned reading to help with comprehension, vocabulary and other reading components from their assigned reading.
AR Kids Read also offers optional tutor training each semester. These sessions will provide tips on how to improve your tutoring skills, information on how students learn to read, and best practices. It will also provide an opportunity to network with other tutors in the AR Kids Read program.
While we fully expect your tutoring experience to be mutually beneficial for both you and the students you work with, sometimes problems or issues do occur. If this happens, please do not hesitate to contact AR Kids Read and the school. We want to solve these issues so that you can get back to a great semester of tutoring!