Changing Lives with Books

Baseline Elementary recently opened a new Parent Resource Center in order to foster learning for their
students outside of the classroom and to encourage family engagement. 53% of Baseline’s student
body are English language learners, and there were no bilingual books or materials to help Spanish
speaking parents read with their children. The Baseline staff and AR Kids Read saw a problem that
needed to be addressed.


As part of the AR Kids Read book donation campaign with ArkansasGives, the team was able to
provide 70 books to the Baseline Elementary Parent Resource Center. Baseline Principal Katina Ray
said, “These books are such a welcome addition to our school, and will help parents who read with
their children that were not able to before.”


The children that saw the books for the first time were so happy. One student said, “I can finally read
with my mom.” Another student echoed that sentiment by saying, “I cannot wait to read these books
to my little sister.”


These books will allow a student and his or her family to experience the gift of reading together, and
both parent and student will be able to learn new things together. Baseline Literacy Specialist,
Denise Holley, noted, “These bilingual books will allow our students to share something special with
their parents.”


Reading is the key that can open so many doors, and our hope is that these books will allow the
Spanish speaking parents of Baseline students to share something special with their children. These
books will also benefit our 16 tutors at Baseline who work with English language learners on a weekly

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