AR Kids Read Photos

We want to give you a peek into what 2017 has brought to the central Arkansas community through AR Kids Read so far.  2017 Tutoring with AR Kids Read Hundreds of tutors means hundreds of students served. We’ve had so many new tutors and students this year! You just might recognize some of them below. 
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Understanding Poverty to Motivate Students

Last week AR Kids Read hosted a tutor workshop on relevant topics influencing education in Central Arkansas and America as a whole: Poverty and Motivation. We received great feedback on the content and discussion. Hopefully this short article will be ample starting ground for thoughts and action on these topics. To watch the workshop CLICK
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AR Kids Read Mentorship-Robert Frost Quote

More Than Just A Tutor

The Importance of Mentorship At some point in our life, we are able to look back and recognize the people that have assisted in our development as individuals through consistent support and encouragement. Where would you be if you had not had someone there that you could rely on and trust? Would you have made different
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