Art with a Heart

This act has moved our hearts and reminded us that generosity and kindness goes a LONG way. (Click here for another story of how one organization's kindness has impacted others, ultimately resulting in a changed community.)

Kayden, thank you for your selfless donation and taking selflessness a step further by finding ways to elevate those around you. She looked within and found ways to support those outside of herself. It is through gestures like Kayden's that remind us to stop, be thankful, and give from our hearts during this season.

To make a gift to AR Kids Read, click here.

The annual "A Night at the Rep", a silent auction and historical theatrical presentation by the Arkansas Repertory Theatre, returned this year with a heart-warming performance of The Gift of the Magi. (You should definitely go see this performance!!)

As heart-warming as the performance was, we were touched by the act of 10-year-old Kayden Ousley the most. The proceeds from this night supported educational programs such as Leadership Renaissance and we were fortunate enough and honored to be listed among the Silent Auction Contributors thanks to Kayden. She created an original oil pastel and acrylic painting for the event. Based on her Native American Sioux Tribe research paper and project for Don Roberts, Kayden painted Pretty Owl, the wife of Red Cloud. Kayden generously donated her painting on behalf of AR Kids Read, her favorite non-profit.