A Passion For Investing In Others

It is a wonderful to see a business rally around the cause of children’s literacy. To see the employees
of that business answer the call and make a commitment to children reading below grade level is truly
special. The employees of U.S. Bank that serve as AR Kids Read tutors are a shining example of how
committed individuals can help spread their passion to the next generation.


Sharon Ingram heard about the AR Kids Read tutoring program through a news story on a local TV
station. Ingram said, “I am glad I signed up to be a tutor. It has been truly fulfilling for me.” She quickly
passed that information along at her U.S. Bank office, “I was talking about my volunteering in a
leadership meeting…as part of my presentation.”


It is because of Ingram and her passion for children’s education that Lolita Montgomery also became an
AR Kids Read tutor. “Sharon spoke very highly of the program on numerous occasions…I had to get
involved.” Montgomery is thrilled about her decision to become an AR Kids Read tutor saying, “It is
something that I look forward to every week.”


Caleb Oyler developed a love for reading at an early age, and he knew he wanted to share that love with
children because of how it has changed his life. Oyler said helping struggling readers is a “gift to my soul.”


Ingram, Montgomery, and Oyler all agree that seeing the look on the students’ faces when they arrive and
the growth they see in the children is the most rewarding part of their experience. Oyler said, “I was
astounded by the light, hope, and good feeling I receive when I arrive to tutor.” This feeling was matched
by Montgomery who said, “I cannot begin to express how rewarding it is to see the look on a student’s
face as I enter the classroom.”


As stated by U.S. Bank Region President, Michael Shelley, “By investing in their passions for service and
sharing their talents, our employees work to make life better in the communities they call home.”


These three U.S. Bank employees have made a commitment to struggling readers in Central Arkansas, and
have seen their commitment rewarded in full through the growth and smile of a child.

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